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Exchange Demineralizers
All water supplies contain dissolved impurities. Many manufacturing and other critical applications require highly purified water. Deionization is the most efficient process for removing dissolved salts and minerals from water.

Mueller Water Conditioning, Inc. offers a full line of commercial and industrial demineralizers for highly purified water.

Benefits of Deionization Exchange Service
Guaranteed Water Quality
Deionization is the most efficient process for removing dissolved salts and minerals from water. Mixed bed deionizers provide high quality water with a more nuetral pH and are the best systems for removal of silica and COČ. Mueller Industrial Water Services mixed bed deionizers are guaranteed to produce the highest, purest quality of water required for any specific application up to a maximum of 18 megohm/cm resistivity at 25°C.
Local Sales & Service
Our local regeneration facilities guarantee prompt service for exchanges.
No Capital Investment
All systems are provided on a rental/exchange basis. You pay on a per exchange basis with a minimum exchange period per your needs.
Quality Controlled Resin Selection
Only resin of the highest quality is selected and used in our deionizers. Each lot of resin received from the manufacturer is carefully inspected to ensure performance. All resins are regenerated at a local facility which utilizes state-of-the-art equipment or procedures. All resins meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications.
No Regeneration
All systems are regenerated off-site; therefore, there is no regeneration labor, no chemicals to purchase and handle and no wastes to be neutralized and discharged.
No Labor Cost
On-site labor operation is not required since tanks are normally exchanged by Mueller Water Conditioning, Inc.'s technicians.
Vehicle Wash/Rinse
Chemical Processing
Food Processing/Manufacturing
Ice Making
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Photo Processing
...and many more
Typical Systems Configurations
Separate Bed Configuration
A cation exchanger and anion exchanger connected in series. The cation exchange unit removes positively charged ions from iron, manganese and potassium. The anion exchange unit removes negatively charged ions, including sulfates, chlorides, carbonates, bicarbonates, nitrates, and silica.
Mixed Bed System
Cation and anion resins are combined and mixed in a single tank, permitting thousands of cation and anions exchange processes to take place as water passes through the resin beds.
Multiple System
Three tanks or more, connected in series or parallel or a combination of the two to produce highest purity water in any desired quantity.
Services Available
Preventative maintenance service contracts Cartridge filter replacements
R.O. membrane cleaning and sanitization Turn-key installation of central systems
Sanitization of distribution piping system, tanks, etc. Backflow prevention certifications
R.O. membrane replacements In-house training

Media replacement for all types of ion exchange and filtration equipment

Emergency service 24 hours a day

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